How To Know If You Have A Good Fitter

So you have finally decided to go and get a professional bra fitting, but you are nervous.  Hopefully, you read this blog post before you go.  I’m going to give you a few tips before you go so you can know the difference between a good fitter and a bad fitter.

1.  A good fitter will make you feel comfortable, at ease, and is a good listener.  A good fitter will make your fitting experience fun and very informative.

2.   A good fitter will not pressure you into buying anything.  A good fitter will measure you, educate you, answer all of your questions and allow you to decide how many bra you want to purchase at this time.

3.  A good fitter will be your personal bra shopper and will bring you many styles and brands to try on.

4.  A good fitter should encourage you and not make you feel bad about your body or size.

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