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The Ultimate Bra Fitting Guide

The Ultimate Bra Fitting Guide by Debra Sanders-Steele

Calling all women, teens, and girls.

Here is a book that has all of the information you need to choose bras that fit, lift and support. No more guessing.

Most women are wearing the wrong size bra. One of the most common mistakes is choosing a bra where the band is too big. The second most common mistake is choosing a bra where the cup is too small.

Now you will be armed with everything you need to know so you can choose the correct style and size. From this day forward, bra shopping will be fun and it will be something you will look forward to, not dread. Your new bras will make you look slimmer and leaner. Your clothes will fit better and your confidence will soar.

You can get your paperback copy from:  Amazon,  Barnes & Noble or OutSkirts Press

You can also get your Kindle download, now.

My Straps Dig Into My Shoulders And It Is Painful. What Can I Do?


When the band (the number) of your bra is not giving you adequate support, the shoulder straps are forced into providing additional support. The most common reason for digging shoulder straps is the band size being too large. Full-figured women know the bra sizing game all too well. For example, if she is a 38E and the bra she wants only goes as high as a “D” cup, she will go up a band size and down a cup size and think it fits (40D). However, she has done a disservice to herself because going up a band size means her straps are going to have to make up for the support lost in the increased band size. To relieve shoulder strap pain, Do not go up the band size.

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What Is A “Bra Coach”?


There are fitness coaches, business coaches, marketing coaches, relationship coaches, sex education coaches, fashion coaches, make-up coaches, marriage coaches, eating coaches, recreational coaches, educational coaches, finance coaches, money coaches, how to make money coaches, how to run your business coaches, Real Estate coaches, health coaches, spiritual coaches and the list goes on and on.

But …………………

What is a “Bra Coach”?

First, let’s look at the definition of the word “coach”.

  1. Merriam‑Webster

    Simple Definition of coach. : a person who teaches and trains an athlete or performer. : a person who teaches and trains the members of a sports team and makes decisions about how the team plays during games. : a private teacher who gives someone lessons in a particular subject.

  2. Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

     [C] (esp. in ​sports) a ​person who is ​responsible for ​managing and ​training a ​person or a ​team: a ​basketball coach› [C] A coach is also an ​expert who ​trains someone ​learning or ​improving a ​skill, esp.


    a large, horse-drawn, four-wheeled carriage, usually enclosed. 2. a public motorbus. 3. Railroads. day coach. 4. Also called air coach. a class of airline travel …………

So ………..

I am a private teacher who gives someone lessons in a particular subject.  I’m also an expert who trains someone learning or improving a skill.

Now …………

What is a “Bra Coach”?

I am an expert and a teacher.  My subject —– bras.  If you wear a bra, I will teach you how to choose the correct size and style for you.  It’s an individual lesson and no 2 breast are the same. (Just saying!)


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