How To Wash And Take Care Of Your Bras

Bras do not  last forever.  Washing and wearing will cause the elastic in the band to wear out.  (Remember, your band supplies most of your breast support).   How fast your bras wear out depends on how many bras you have in your rotation, and your bust size (the larger your breast, the more work and support your band has to supply on a daily basis).  I recommend that you replace your bras every 6-9 months.

1.  The best way to wash your bras is hand wash.  Fill your sink with warm water and a lingerie wash/soap.  Soak your bras for 30 minutes – 1 hour.  Rinse bras well, pat dry with a towel ( do not wring), and hang to dry (do not place in a dryer).

2.  Only wash in a machine if you use a lingerie bag, lingerie wash,  cold water, on the delicate cycle.  Hang to dry and never use the dryer.

3.  Molded cup bras should be stacked on top of each other in a drawer.  Do not fold the cups into each other.  This will destroy the shape and the fibers that make up the molding.   When traveling, use a bra travel case to protect the cups.