The Band

Do you find yourself pulling and adjusting your bra all day?  No matter how tight you hook your bra, does your band ride up your back towards your neck causing your breast to droop?

A bra that constantly rides up your back is a sign that your straps are  tighten too tight on your shoulders, your band (the number) is too big, or your bra is old and it is time to buy new ones.

First, make sure that your straps are just holding  the cups  in place and you are not using the straps for support because your band is too big.  Your band should do  most of the supporting not your straps.

Second, go down a band size.  The next time you go bra shopping, try on a bra that is one band size smaller  and one cup size larger.  A 38C and a 36D have the same cup volume.  A 36C is smaller in the cup than a 38C.  Any time you go down in the band size  you have to go up in the cup size  and if you go up in the band size  you have to go down in the cup size.

Third, if you have 1 or 2 bras and you wear, and wash them all the time, their time is up and  it is time for you to buy new bras.  Bras do not last forever. 

Get your copy of — The Ultimate Bra Fitting Guide by Debra Sanders-Steele.  It  will guide you step-by-step in choosing the correct bra for you.