Does My Bra Fit?

A well fitting bra lifts, supports, and shapes. The correct fitting bra will make you look younger and thinner.  A wrong fitting bra will make you look messy and older.  If your bra is uncomfortable, you are wearing the wrong size.

Every brand and style will fit different even if they are the same style. A Maidenform demi cup is going to fit differently from a Wacoal demi cup.  A Bali full coverage cup is going to fit differently from a Vanity Fair full coverage cup.  When you find a brand and style that fits you perfectly, stick with it.  When trying to figure out your bra size, first find your band size (the number), then go up or down with the cup size (the letter).  The band should fit comfortably snug when hooked on the loosest row of hooks.  

If you are now wearing a 38C, try a 36D.  If the cup is too small, try a 36DD.   If you are wearing a 42D, try a 40DD.  If the cup is too small, try a 40DDD.  If you are wearing a 34B, try a 32C.  If the cup is to small, try a 32D.

Looking good and feeling good is empowering.  Your dresses and tops will fit so much better when wearing the correct fitting bra.  Get your copy of ……The Ultimate Bra Fitting Guide, before you go bra shopping and find out how to choose the correct fitting bra.



This Is A Good Fitting Bra

How do you know if your bra is fitting good or bad?  We always talk about a bad fitting bra and how to fix the problems, but this time I am going talk about a good fitting bra.

1.  The underwire should go around the under part of your breast.  The wire should never poke or stab into your breast (cup too small).

2.  The middle part between the cups should lay flat against your rib cage between your breast.

3.  There should be no wrinkles or gaps in the cup.  The cups should encase your breast perfectly.  Your breast should not be bulging out from under your arms or from the middle front of the cups (cups too small).

4.  Your band should be snug and supportive when fastened in the loosest row of hooks, when new.  Your band should never move up or shift as you are moving around (band too big).

You can find more about this topic in The Ultimate Bra Fitting Guide.