Quick Bra Tips And Solutions

If your cup (the letter) is wrinkling, it is too big.

If your breast are spilling out of the top and sides of your cup (the letter), your cup is too small, or you need to try on a different style.

If one of your breast are noticeably larger than the other,  make sure the bra cup is large enough to fit the largest breast.

If your straps are always slipping off your shoulders, your band (the number) is too big or you need to try a different style.

If your straps dig into your shoulders, your band (the number) is too big.

If your bra straps ride up your back and you are always pulling it down, your band is too big.


Bra Glossary — What Does That Mean?

What does that mean?  How do I understand the “bra language”?

Here are a few definitions of some commonly used words.

1.  Average Coverage —  allows some of the breast to be uncovered or exposed.

2.  Contour Cup — are cups that are lightly padded for shaping and nipple concealment.

3.  Padded Cup — is when the padding is thick enough to increase the appearance of your breast size.

4.  Demi Cup — covers the lower half of the breast while the top portion is exposed or uncovered.

5.  Minimizer — is a bra that flattens (redistributes) the breast to reduce the front projection.

6.  Strapless Bra — is a bra without straps.

7.  T-Shirt Bra — is usually a contour bra that shapes and and prevents your nipples from showing through.

How To Know If You Have A Good Fitter

So you have finally decided to go and get a professional bra fitting, but you are nervous.  Hopefully, you read this blog post before you go.  I’m going to give you a few tips before you go so you can know the difference between a good fitter and a bad fitter.

1.  A good fitter will make you feel comfortable, at ease, and is a good listener.  A good fitter will make your fitting experience fun and very informative.

2.   A good fitter will not pressure you into buying anything.  A good fitter will measure you, educate you, answer all of your questions and allow you to decide how many bra you want to purchase at this time.

3.  A good fitter will be your personal bra shopper and will bring you many styles and brands to try on.

4.  A good fitter should encourage you and not make you feel bad about your body or size.

Get a copy of The Ultimate Bra Fitting Guide so you can find out the information a professional fitter already knows.

How To Wash And Take Care Of Your Bras

Bras do not  last forever.  Washing and wearing will cause the elastic in the band to wear out.  (Remember, your band supplies most of your breast support).   How fast your bras wear out depends on how many bras you have in your rotation, and your bust size (the larger your breast, the more work and support your band has to supply on a daily basis).  I recommend that you replace your bras every 6-9 months.

1.  The best way to wash your bras is hand wash.  Fill your sink with warm water and a lingerie wash/soap.  Soak your bras for 30 minutes – 1 hour.  Rinse bras well, pat dry with a towel ( do not wring), and hang to dry (do not place in a dryer).

2.  Only wash in a machine if you use a lingerie bag, lingerie wash,  cold water, on the delicate cycle.  Hang to dry and never use the dryer.

3.  Molded cup bras should be stacked on top of each other in a drawer.  Do not fold the cups into each other.  This will destroy the shape and the fibers that make up the molding.   When traveling, use a bra travel case to protect the cups.

Why Did I Write “The Ultimate Bra Fitting Guide”

final book cover

The reason why I chose to write this guide, is because I wanted women to have all of the basic bra fitting information in one place.  Yes, you can find this information online.  Put your bra question in any search engine and you will find many websites with their interpretation of the definition to your question.  What I have here is not new information.  I just gathered up public information and my experience and put it all in one place and there was born  “The Ultimate Bra Fitting Guide”.  It is a very simple, step-by-step, how-to guide.

If you already know how to choose the correct fitting size, and style bra — this book is not for you.  This book is for the women who have questions and want answers.

Another reason why I chose to write this guide, is because I have been a full time professional bra consultant for over 12 years.  I have helped hundreds of women over the years and I realized that most women do not know how to go about choosing the correct size or style bra.  Most women buy a bra and hope it fits.  Now you can have the information you need to figure out the band size (the number), the cup size (the letter), get answers to any of your bra questions, and find out how to solve your bra problems.

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