Quick Bra Tips And Solutions

If your cup (the letter) is wrinkling, it is too big.

If your breast are spilling out of the top and sides of your cup (the letter), your cup is too small, or you need to try on a different style.

If one of your breast are noticeably larger than the other,  make sure the bra cup is large enough to fit the largest breast.

If your straps are always slipping off your shoulders, your band (the number) is too big or you need to try a different style.

If your straps dig into your shoulders, your band (the number) is too big.

If your bra straps ride up your back and you are always pulling it down, your band is too big.


Bra Glossary — What Does That Mean?

What does that mean?  How do I understand the “bra language”?

Here are a few definitions of some commonly used words.

1.  Average Coverage —  allows some of the breast to be uncovered or exposed.

2.  Contour Cup — are cups that are lightly padded for shaping and nipple concealment.

3.  Padded Cup — is when the padding is thick enough to increase the appearance of your breast size.

4.  Demi Cup — covers the lower half of the breast while the top portion is exposed or uncovered.

5.  Minimizer — is a bra that flattens (redistributes) the breast to reduce the front projection.

6.  Strapless Bra — is a bra without straps.

7.  T-Shirt Bra — is usually a contour bra that shapes and and prevents your nipples from showing through.